Hospital to Home

Webinar series


Support for Nelson and Marlborough based people affected by stroke returning home from hospital.


Returning to live at home after a stroke can be a challenging and anxious experience for everyone involved. Our webinars provide practical information and advice in a supportive and realistic way on how to cope with the challenges of life after stroke.

Information will be provided by DHB clinical advisors and Stroke Foundation staff. Each session will allow time for questions to be asked related to anything about stroke and recovery.

Anyone who has experienced a stroke or is a family member or carer is welcome to attend.

Webinars start in May 2023 and take place every second Monday (except Labour Day) from 10.30am – 11.30am.

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hospital to health

Topics include:

·                    What is a stroke and how to minimise the risk of another one?

·                    Navigating changes in relationships

·                    Adapting to physical, speech and cognitive changes

·                    Carer needs

·                    Addressing emotional changes and fatigue

·                    Community resources

·                    Tips for maximising recovery and wellbeing

The full range of topics are covered over five sessions. Participants can attend any number of sessions in any order.


If you have any questions, get in touch with Anne-Marie, our Nelson based Community Stroke Advisor:

Phone: 03 545 8183



Please fill in the form below to register for our next webinar:

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