Logan Dodds supports FAST

Logan Dodds, the social media star who's developed a huge following with his Instagram photos and videos, is supporting the FAST campaign.

Logan, who became famous by creating spectacular images of his travels, has created a touching video to help raise awareness after his Dad tragically died from a brain bleed.

Stroke Foundation CEO Mark Vivian said Logan's support would reach a lot of younger people, who follow him on social media.

"A lot of people think stroke is an old person's problem, so it's hard to reach young Kiwis. But even if you're young and feeling bulletproof, it's never too early to learn about FAST," Mark says.

"You might not be at risk - although no one can ever say that for sure - but you might need to know if someone close to you is having a stroke, and what to do."

FAST stands for Face drooping, Arm weakness, Speech Difficulty - Time to Take action, call 111.

Getting to hospital quickly is the best chance for someone to recover from stroke, as drugs and procedures can repair and reverse the effects of a stroke.

"Thanks to Logan, thousands more people are going to know what to do," says Mark Vivian.

You can follow Logan on Instagram @logan_dodds

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