Meet Tere

Tere the FAST cheetah cub

Tere the cheetah cub is the cutest way to support us.

Tere the cheetah cub is the smallest - and cutest - member of our team!

As you can see Tere is all about the FAST message - 'Tere' means 'FAST' in Te Reo, and there's nothing faster than a cheetah!

Tere with bookHe's also a great way to support the Stroke Foundation, and help stroke survivors get back on their feet.

That's because you can buy a Tere from us for just $15! (including postage and packaging)

He's a perfect gift for a member of your family, and that same time, help us and stroke survivors out.

If you'd like a Tere, please email Simon at

And if you do, please take some photos of him - we'd love to see where Tere ends up and share his adventures! Check out our photo gallery below.

You can also follow his adventures on Instagram, @strokefoundationnz. Or post your own photos and tag him in!


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