New logo, new look

From today, you’ll notice a slightly different look to our website.

That’s because we’ve designed a new logo that we think puts a fresh take on our much-loved previous design.

We’ve kept the contrasting colours which symbolise the two sides of the brain and the life-changing effect a stroke can have.

And we’ve introduced the slant in the middle, which gives the design forward movement and impetus.

Why the change? Well, we are a modern, forward-looking, innovative organisation that wants to support stroke survivors as best we can, and prevent stroke in the community. Our logo should reflect that.

And we need to have a professional and polished look that helps us stand out in the busy health and charity sectors, and attract the vital income we use to help others.

To keep the costs down to a minimum, we did much of the work in-house. We consulted with staff, the stroke community and the wider public to help come up with a winning look.

We hope you like the new look as much as we do. It might be different, but rest assured, one thing hasn’t changed, and that’s our commitment to improving and saving lives across New Zealand.