Online fundraising

Online fundraising



Do you have an awesome idea to do your own fundraising in support of the Stroke Foundation, or are looking for some inspiration? Our Stroke Champions go above and beyond to help us fight stroke, here are some of the things you can do too:

  • participate at a sporting event - there are lots of marathons, fun runs or cycle challenges across New Zealand

  • walk the length of NZ along Te Araroa Trail

  • bike the length of NZ and make it official with Tour Aotearoa

  • give something up for a month like smoking, sweets or takeaways

  • host an event at home or at work and collect donations

  • or celebrate an occasion like a birthday or anniversary in support of the Stroke Foundation.

Get as creative as you like! Choose your challenge, create your online fundraising page on Grassrootz and share the link with family, friends and work colleagues to support you and donate to a cause that’s important to you.

When you set up your online fundraising page, make sure you upload your photo, share why you’re supporting the Stroke Foundation and choose your personal fundraising goal.

Thank you for joining our fight against stroke! For any questions or support, contact us at

DIY fundraising