Perfect 'illustration' of life after stroke

28 November 2018

Mike artMike Maynard is 86 years old and before his stroke was an art tutor with the Turning Point Trust – which does great work with people dealing with mental health and/or addiction issues.

He’s lived all over the world and had art exhibitions in Europe.

In April, Mike suffered a major brain bleed. He spent three months recovering in the hospital. He has ongoing fatigue and balance problems and left sided weakness.

Mike is now making a great recovery and has taught himself to paint again – and the results very impressive.

You can read about Mike's stroke journey and see more of his artwork in this excellent Bay of Plenty Times article.

Mike and his wife Ellie want to hold the art exhibition to show in Ellie’s words, ‘just because you have had a stroke doesn’t mean your life is finished. It can be the start of something new.’

They particularly want to work with young people, stroke survivors in particular and hope an exhibition will inspire them.

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