Advice, Support and Services

Advice, Support and Services 

The links below provide a directory of sources of help, advice and services in the community,
with internet links for contact details, further information and services available online.

If you would like to add a service to the list, or want to inform us of broken links
please contact Simon Bradwell; Please note that in general
we can't list individual therapy practices or individual commercial facilities such as gyms, but
we can list directories or professional associations which publicise such services.


Advance Care Planning

Aphasia NZ

Carer information and support

Community services and resources

Help with communicating and speaking

Education support services for students

Managing your health

Māori networks

Other languages health information 

Pacific networks

Recreational activities

Rehabilitation programmes and support

Resources for children

Return to work support

Staying fit and healthy

Staying safe at home and in your neighbourhood

Stroke Clubs

Transport assistance and driving - Getting about in the community


A complementary directory produced for Hamilton Stroke Club contains some additional services and resources, in both the Waikato region and nationwide. Click here to download their document.


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