south island study days

South Island Study Days



Practical tips for improving communication with people with Aphasia - Webinar recording 14 June 2022

Speakers: Chris Wyles, Aphasia NZ

Nicola Gibbons, University of Canterbury


·         How do you build rapport with a person with aphasia?

·         How can you support communication with a person aphasia?

·         What are the special needs of people with receptive aphasia?

·         Use of augmentative devices - any use?




Gait Re-education - Webinar recording 29 March 2022

Speaker: Dan Harvey, Physiotherapist, Stroke Rehabilitation, SDHB

Organiser: Stroke Rehabilitation, Southern DHB

Webinar includes:

• Review of the neurophysiology of normal gait (simplified version).

• Discussion of a few key elements that can be targeted in all settings

• Discussion of the use of different aids and how that impacts gait pattern.

• Contrasting setting up gait to just be safe at home versus a pattern that will allow further improvement into the community.


Watch the recording here: