Stroke videos

Stroke videos

The links on this page will take you to a range of videos about stroke which can be watched free online.


What is a stroke?

What is a stroke - Stroke4Carers video explaining how a stroke happens

What a stroke looks like - Stacey Yepes filmed herself as she was having a stroke


Effects of stroke

Various videos explaining how strokes can affect you physically, mentally and emotionally

Building knowledge about stroke via STARs programme

Life after stroke/effects of stroke

Hidden effects of stroke

Memory problems after stroke

Walking problems after stroke

Cognition and perception

Emotional impact of stroke

Vision after a stroke

Communication after a stroke


Life After Stroke

The Stroke Foundation of New Zealand's videos made to accompany the handbook Life After Stroke, which is given free to all stroke survivors in New Zealand.

Life After Stroke and Four Inspirational Stories From Maori and Pacific people


Recovery and rehabilitation

Some personal accounts of recovery after a stroke

Stroke victory 1

Stroke victory 2

Stroke victory 3

Teenage stroke: Sarah Scott 1

Teenage stroke: Sarah Scott 2

Teenage stroke: Sarah Scott 3

Sarah and Jack – teenage stroke survivors