Wife to the rescue

Taranaki man Dennis Hopkins says he’s glad he’d seen the FAST ad on TV.

It came in handy when he had a stroke recently.

That, and quick-thinking by wife Julia, helped Dennis recover.

“I woke up at 4.30am, feeling unwell and light-headed. I went to the toilet, but was unsteady and when I walked back to bed, I couldn’t talk.

“I shook my wife’s ankles to wake her up and fell on the bed.

She took one look at me and said ‘I think you’re having a stroke.”

Dennis says Julia has had two strokes herself, three or so years ago.

“She knew I’d had a stroke from the way I was talking, my left eye and side of mouth were drooping. She rang 111.”

An ambulance was there in 10 minutes, and Dennis was taken to New Plymouth hospital where he was directed to the Emergency Department.

At tea time he had another stroke and lost feeling in left arm.

Dennis was given medication and a lot of physio. He now says his memory and speech are good, while his arm is around 90% back to normal.

“I’m very lucky to have Julia handy and she knew what it was.”

Dennis says he’d seen the FAST TV ad and has learned a lot about stroke.

“I’m happy to have recovered so well.”

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