Life After Stroke

Life after stroke


Our Life After Stroke book and video resources help with the journey after stroke.


‘Life After Stroke’ is a comprehensive and acclaimed book produced by the Stroke Foundation to guide stroke survivors and their families, carers and friends through their journey after stroke.

Each section of ‘Life After Stroke’ can be opened as files and read on your computer or tablet device, provided it can open PDF format documents. You can also download the whole book as a PDF here.

Scroll down for useful videos about how to tackle everyday tasks after a stroke, as well as some inspiring stories. These videos accompany the handbook ‘Life After Stroke’ and contain the complete contents of ‘Life After Stroke’ and ‘Life After Stroke: four inspirational stories of Maori and Pacific People’.


Section 1 - The First Week: first questions

First questions

How a stroke happens

What puts people at risk of stroke?

The hospital team

Assessment and tests


The hospital stay


Section 2 - The Effects of Stroke




Mood, behaviour and personality changes


Physical control

Complications after a stroke


Section 3 - The Rehabilitation Experience

What rehabilitation means


Feelings about the stroke

Stroke and the family/whanau

From hospital to home


Tiredness and restlessness



Problem solving




Organising the day

Returning to work

Life after stroke for caregivers

Stroke in younger people


Section 4 - Facts and Further Reference

Driving after a stroke

Stroke clubs

Helping to prevent stroke

Eating for health


Further Information about Stroke




Life After Stroke - Part 1: Understanding a Stroke


Life After Stroke - Part 2: Rehabilitation Following Stroke


Life After Stroke - Part 3: Returning to the Community


Life After Stroke - Part 4: Life After Stroke for Caregivers


Life After Stroke - Maori Stories - Richie's Story


Life After Stroke - Maori Stories - Rose's Story


Life After Stroke - Pacific Stories - David's Story


Life After Stroke - Pacific Stories - Norry's Story




Video resources from around the world

The links below will take you to a range of videos about stroke recovery and rehabilitation from around the world.

Stroke victory 1

Stroke victory 2

Stroke victory 3

Teenage stroke: Sarah Scott 1

Teenage stroke: Sarah Scott 2

Teenage stroke: Sarah Scott 3

Sarah and Jack – teenage stroke survivors

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