Practical Tips Videos

‘How to’


Tips to help with daily activities.


The videos below are mostly from the UK Stroke Association and provide many useful tips on how to cope with daily activities such as dressing oneself, provided by stroke survivors who have learned to deal with problems such as disability in one arm.

Makeup with one hand

Putting on foundation makeup with one hand


Mascara with one hand


Lipstick with one hand


Jewellery with one hand

Wearing necklaces, earrings and bracelets


Hair drying and styling with one hand

Hair drying with one hand


Styling tips


Managing a baby

Putting a baby in a high chair


Putting on nappies



Dressing – women

Putting on a pair of tights


Putting on a bra


Putting on a bra alternative way


Dressing – men

Getting dressed

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