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The Stroke Foundation is the only national organisation devoted to supporting stroke survivors, and helping all New Zealanders keep safe from stroke.


Stroke is New Zealand’s second single biggest killer and the leading cause of serious adult disability. Each year, approximately 9,000 Kiwis have a stroke - that’s one every hour! And new research shows us that within the next decade this is projected to rise by 40%.

The Stroke Foundation is the only national charity in New Zealand focused on the prevention of and recovery from stroke. For almost 40 years we have actively promoted ways to avoid stroke and dedicated ourselves to working closely with stroke survivors across the country.

New Zealanders' generosity will enable us to help thousands of stroke survivors this year; providing them with critical services to ensure the best possible outcomes - not just for themselves, but also their family/whānau and carers too.

Three quarters of strokes are preventable, so we will continue our vital awareness campaigns and health promotion programmes - saving thousands of lives.

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Stroke devastates lives. 
Help us rebuild the lives of New Zealanders who experience the impact of stroke. Together, we can give them hope.