Community Stroke Navigators

Our community stroke navigators


Our Community Stroke Navigators (Kaiārahi) are responsible for developing partnerships and stroke education programmes in communities, providing advocacy support, building awareness of our services, and delivering face-to-face support when needed to people and their whānau affected by stroke.

Our Community Stroke Navigators (CSNs) are professional navigators for stroke survivors and family/whanau members or carers living in the community. The aim of the service is to help stroke survivors realise their full potential for recovery and wellbeing following a stroke. The service is free and has helped many stroke survivors regain life after stroke.

Community Stroke Navigator referral form.

CSN talking with stroke survivor and carer


  • Makes hospital and home visits to introduce and explain the CSN service
  • Works with stroke survivors, family/whānau and carers to assess needs
  • Develops an action plan to meet current needs and to achieve specific goals in partnership with the client, collaborating with other health professionals as required
  • Provides support, information and advice to build knowledge and skills that assist effective adaptation to disability and minimise risk of further strokes. Information includes the nature of stroke, its causes and risk factors, prevention tips, the role of treatment and rehabilitation and how to optimise life after stroke and manage after-effects such as fatigue and depression. A wide range of printed resources are available
  • For individuals diagnosed with Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA) offers plain language information about TIA, lifestyle changes to minimise risk of further strokes and how to identify and respond if one is occurring
  • Networks in the community and provides service coordination and navigation to ensure clients are referred to the best services to meet their needs. This includes local stroke clubs and other groups for social support
  • Supports working age people to return to work in conjunction with our Return to Work Advisors
  • Provides advocacy support where clients face barriers to accessing services
  • Provides information on transport options when unable to drive and how to obtain Total Mobility half price taxi fares if the client is eligible.


Watch our short video for a quick introduction to the Community Stroke Advisor service:


Stroke survivor Rob Coles talks more about his experience of using Stroke Foundation services:

Stroke Clubs, support groups, recreational activities

Stroke clubs provide mutual support to people with stroke, their family, whānau, carers and supporters. They enable people to share experiences, to understand more about stroke, to meet new people and to participate in social activities and special events. CSNs provide links to local clubs if people wish to join.

CSNs know about local support groups and recreational activities of value to people with stroke, their families, whānau and carers. These may include exercise groups, sports clubs, accessible gyms, art and craft groups, therapies, caregiver, partner or family support groups and younger stroke survivor groups. CSNs link clients with these community services.


Engagement with CSN service

A stroke survivor and their immediate family, whānau and carer or carers are welcome to engage with the CSN service. 

Before beginning with the CSN service an ‘Agreement to Participate’ is completed. This process confirms each client understands how their health information will be used during their engagement with the CSN service.  

Clients are provided with The Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights. The CSN can contact a health and disability advocate for a client if necessary.

Justin and Olivia


Referrals for CSN service

Community Stroke Navigator referral form.


Return to Work programme (available in Auckland and Christchurch only)

Our Return to Work service is free for stroke survivors who wish to return to the workforce. Return to Work Advisors provide expertise and support to guide stroke survivors through the process of returning safely to employment, and work with employers to help them support their employees who have experienced a stroke.

Return to Work Advisor referral form.

Click here to read more about our Return to Work programme


Find a community stroke Navigator near you

Lynelle Ngakuru


Natasha Knell

Waitemata and Auckland (some)

Michelle Newbury-Lee

Counties Manukau and Auckland (some)

Danielle Greer

Taranaki and Waikato (excluding Coromandel)

Teresa Sherman

Lakes, Bay of Plenty, and Coromandel

Caroline Callow

Tairawhiti and Wairoa

Nicola Hosking

Whanganui (some), Hawkes Bay (excl. Wairoa), and Mid Central

Bec Gardiner

Capital & Coast (some), Hutt Valley and Wairarapa

Emma McCulloch

Whanganui (some), Capital & Coast (some), and Nelson Marlborough

Helen Nolan

West Coast and Southern Lakes

Abby Hodgson

Canterbury and South Canterbury

Judith Hyslop

Southern (excl. Southern Lakes)

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