Free Resources

Free resources


All the following resources are delivered free within New Zealand.


Most of the resources below can be downloaded as pdf files. You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view pdf files and this is installed on most computers. If you need to, you can download Adobe Acrobat Reader here.

To order any resources in hard copy (subject to availability) please fill out this order form.


About stroke

What is a stroke? What is a TIA? (pdf) A short and simple explanation of how and why stroke happens, and what its effects are.


Reducing stroke risk

Reduce your risk of stroke (pdf) A short and simple explanation of how and why stroke happens, and what its effects are.

Blood Pressure and Stroke (pdf) Information about the relationship between blood pressure and stroke and ways of reducing risks for blood pressure

Checked your blood pressure lately? (pdf) A3 Poster

Salt and blood pressure (pdf) Information on harms of high salt consumption and ways of reducing salt intake.

Go easy on salt (pdf) A3 Poster

He taonga - a free six-week programme to improve your health and blood pressure:

Hypertension & Stroke – Simplified Chinese A5 brochure


F.A.S.T. stroke recognition resources

Find our up to date F.A.S.T. material here.


Life after stroke

Life after stroke book - a comprehensive and acclaimed book produced by the Stroke Foundation to guide stroke survivors and their families, carers and friends through their journey after stroke:

Information for Family, whanau and friends (pdf) - practical information about caring for someone who has had a stroke.

Resources and support for children or teenagers whose parent or loved one had a stroke:

Information about our Community Stroke Advisor Service (pdf)

Information about our Return to Work Advisor Service (pdf)

In addition to this leaflet, the Ministry of Social Development publishes a comprehensive Guide for Carers booklet which can be ordered through Carers NZ on their CarersAir website, or downloaded directly here (pdf, 3.34mb). Phone 0800 777 797 to order a free hard copy.

Guidelines for safe and comfortable positioning while sitting and sleeping for those affected by right or left hemiplegia (paralysis on one side of the body):

·                Positioning for left hemiplegia (pdf)

·                Positioning for right hemiplegia (pdf)


The following A4 information sheets are available to download as printable pdf files:

·         Coping with Stress after stroke

·         Driving and Transport after a stroke

·         Emotional and behavioural changes after stroke

·         Fatigue after stroke

·         Medication and stroke


Carer Wellbeing

·        Carer Wellbeing (A4 fact sheet)

·        Cook Islands Māori translation

·        Samoan translation

·        Chinese translation

·        Tongan translation


Depression and anxiety after stroke

·        Depression and anxiety after stroke (A4 fact sheet)

·        Cook Islands Māori translation

·        Samoan translation

·        Chinese translation

·        Tongan translation


Exercise after stroke

Exercise After Stroke (Note: this publication is not authored by the Stroke Foundation. Any questions about it should be directed to the authors.)


Community support

See our Services in the Community database for a wide variety of links to useful information for stroke survivors, carers, family and whanau from different organisations.


Kaupapa Māori resources

A selection of kaupapa Māori resources which include indigenous Māori concepts, visual imagery and language that is familiar and can resonate with many whānau, hapū, iwi and Māori communities. Resources are for the general public, health provider services, and hospitals. See He Ūpoko Tapu Stroke Prevention page for more information or pdf downloads below:

·                           KIA HIWI RĀ!        He tohu o te mate ikura roro poster

·                           He tohu o te mate ikura roro flyer

·                He aha te ikura roro

·                He toto rere pai he tohu ora


Pacific language resources

Information (pdf) about stroke in Cook Islands, Samoan and Tongan languages:

·                Cook Island translation

·                Samoan translation

·                Tongan translation


Chinese language resources

Three leaflets (pdf) are available in modern Chinese in PDF format: a basic leaflet on preventing stroke; a translation of Information for family, whanau and friends; and a translation of What is a TIA.     

·                Preventing stroke - Chinese

·                Stroke - Information for family, whanau and friends - Chinese

·                What is TIA? - Chinese


Health Stroke Navigator

Health Navigator Stroke Information


Looking After Your Nuts & Bolts

Phil Gifford’s book "Looking After Your Nuts & Bolts" contains an excellent chapter about stroke, written with cooperation from the Stroke Foundation and several stroke survivors. You can order a copy here or from bookshops.


Further sources of information

Below are some overseas websites providing information about stroke. 

The Australian National Stroke Foundation

The Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation

The American Stroke Association (USA)

The Stroke Association (UK) (direct link to resources: UK Stroke Association)

World Stroke Organization

Different Strokes (UK)

The Stroke Network (USA)


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